Employer Counseling

GSB Law firm provides exceptional employer counseling that caters to the need of the public and private employers across the United States. Our highly proficient attorneys encourage and facilitate preventive practices that assist the clients in developing and maintaining effective employment policies.

We Always Take the Preventive Approach

To provide effective employer counseling, our attorneys work closely with the HR personnel, managers, and board of directors to establish the optimal practices that ensure compliance of all the labor laws. Moreover, our employer counseling services also include the constant evolving in the employment laws preventing lawsuits.

Employment Law Compliance

Our attorneys work in close collaboration with the HR managers and the board of directors on a diverse range of services to comply with the laws and regulations of the state. That includes RIF programs, layoffs, early retirement remunerations, and other related employer counseling services in the economic crisis. We always recommend and advise our clients to prevent litigation as it would provide massive leverage to our client even if the dispute occurs.

Employer Counseling and Training

We always provide legally mandated employer counseling and training on discrimination, harassment, and other crucial subjects that relate to the employees.

Labor-Management Relations

Managing and organizing labor is a challenge for any business enterprise. The collective bargaining process, the pressure from the union, and labor litigation would have a severe impact on your company’s reputation, productivity, and budgets.

Therefore, you require a reliable and well-experienced group of advisors and counselors to manage and handle labor management relations.

GSB law is comprised of highly proficient lawyers with strong prowess on negotiations and litigations whenever a labor dispute or grievance reaches the arbitration, court, or the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board).

Labor Crisis Management

Whether there may be labor strikes or the union picketing, threatens to boycott the company’s product or services or any other related crises. GSB law efficiently handles them all. We provide our utmost expertise and remedies in labor management relations to several major corporations. During the crisis, we still make our clients run their operations smoothly without any significant interruptions.

Labor Litigation and Disputes

While our lawyers always strive towards maintaining prosperous labor management relations. Nevertheless, there comes a time when litigation occurs. GSB law has a team of persuasive negotiators that handles all the lawsuits relating to local, federal, and state throughout the US. Our lawyers are well-versed in presenting your case in the arbitration hearings as well as before the NLRB or any other agencies.

State-Wide Legal Services for Employers

  • Employee Handbooks & Personnel Policies
  • Consulting Regarding Performance Management, Discipline, & Discharge Decisions
  • Preparing Employment, Confidentiality, Non-Competition, & Separation Agreements & Releases
  • Dealing with Collective Bargaining Issues
  • Representation Before the NLRB
  • Labor-Management Relations
  • Layoffs and Plant Closures
  • Disability and Religious Accommodation Issues
  • Conducting and Supervising Internal Investigations
  • Coordinating Workers’ Compensation & Leave Issues
  • Investigating Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, & Whistleblower Complaints
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