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When Is Working from Home a “Reasonable Accommodation” for a Disabled Employee in South Carolina?

November 1st, 2021|Employment|

As employers in South Carolina begin resuming their normal in-person operations, many are finding that getting their employees back into the office is a challenge. While some employees enjoy the work environment and are ready [...]

How Does Full FDA Approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Impact Employer Vaccine Mandates?

October 1st, 2021|Employment|

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted full approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on August 23, 2021. As several media outlets have reported, this approval will likely lead to more widespread acceptance of [...]

How Can South Carolina Employers Defend Against Allegations of Workplace Harassment?

September 1st, 2021|Employment|

Allegations of workplace harassment can present significant liability risks for employers. Harassment is considered a form of discrimination under South Carolina and federal nondiscrimination laws, and the acts of a single employee can potentially put [...]

How Can South Carolina Employers Defend Against Allegations of Workplace Discrimination?

May 1st, 2021|Discrimination, Employment, Harassment|

Defending against allegations of workplace discrimination presents a variety of challenges for South Carolina employers. When faced with allegations of discrimination based on race, sex, age, or any other protected characteristic, employers must take the [...]

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